Why Dell Laptops Are Considered One Of the Best Available Laptops In The Market?

It won’t be wrong to say that Dell is one of the most trusted names when it comes to any kind of computer equipment. Dell has come a long way since it was started in a dorm room by the founder Michael Dell. Over the years, computers and laptops from Dell have earned the respect of consumers and enterprise users equally.

Dell laptops are considered some of the most useful and popular laptops available these days. There are various series of laptops launched by Dell for home users as well as business users. It also has acquired various other laptop brands over the years such as Alienware that is one of the best laptop makers in the gaming category.

Dell caters to both home users as well as business users. One of the most unique things about Dell is that it offers unlimited customization options. One can easily add extra RAM or extra hard disk space to laptop. Another thing that separates Dell from its competitors is the amazing customer service. Its customer service is unmatched and it offers 2 days service in most of the cities around the world.

Various configurations of laptops are available in the business category as well as the home category. Its Latitude series of laptops claim to be the best in class business performance.

Dell Latitude Laptops

In the Latitude series or laptops, there are four different series of laptops which are Latitude 3000 series, Latitude 5000 series, Latitude 7000 series and Latitude 6 series. Dell calls its Latitude 3000 series laptops as the essential laptops that are tailor made for small and growing businesses. Similarly, the Latitude 5000 series laptops are called mainstream laptops that offer the perfect balance of durability and power.

The Latitude 6 series is called professional and it has all the features that are required for mobile business productivity. Dell calls its Latitude 7000 series laptops as the most secure business laptops in the world. The Latitude series laptops range in weight from 2.76 pounds to 4.2 pounds. All of these laptops come with docking capability.

The precision series of laptops are powerful Dell laptops that are meant for intensive applications. These have big screens and come with the latest operating systems. The Dell Inspiron series has the budget friendly business laptops. In this category, there are many affordable laptops, meant for businesses, that deliver outstanding experience at a very affordable price.

In addition to the above series, Dell has also launched ultra books that are very thin laptops.

Windows 8 Laptops

Microsoft changed the world of personal computers when it launched its Windows 8 operating system. This was the first operating system that was meant for touch interface. A lot of manufacturers launched their Windows 8 based devices on the market but some of the best Windows 8 based laptops have been from Dell.

These Dell laptops can be used both as a tablet and as a laptop.

Dell Gaming Laptops

Dell has a huge number of models in the gaming category under its Alienware brand. These gaming laptops are high-end systems with high powered GPUs and CPUs that are equipped to play the latest generation of games.

Dell Inspiron 11 3000

This laptop from Dell is one of the most well designed convertible in the Windows 8 2 in one laptops category. This hybrid laptop comes with 11.6 inches touch screen, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. As far as its competitors are concerned, the price is similar to the laptops available from HP and Lenovo.

Overall, Dell has laptops for all classes of users ranging from budget laptops to high end business and gaming laptops.

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